Right at the cutting edge

As a member of the Potter Group, the largest privately-owned waste management company in Wales, Canter Carpet benefits from access to some of the most advanced and sophisticated recycling technologies available.

With a growing number of local authorities, businesses and householders seeking more sustainable solutions from unwanted carpet materials, the Potter Group has been at the forefront of carpet recycling for many years.

The company’s vision is to recover and recycle all carpet waste to make a significant contribution to reducing the 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste created annually in the UK, and to support the European Directive’s goal of 0% landfill.

The Potter Group uses advanced technologies and equipment to process recycled carpet materials into high-performance equestrian surfaces, selecting the best quality synthetic carpets by hand to be, shredded and processed through a magnetic machine to remove any metal contaminants.

The end result is a clean, durable and weather-resistant carpet fibre product which will provide many more years of use as a high-performance equestrian surface.

Carpet Recycling